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Pump System Repairs in Lancaster, California

Your Septic Pump System

Water Pump
All septic tanks have an access riser which allows them to be regularly be pumped and emptied of sludge so they can continue to function properly. Pump septic tanks and systems have an effluent pump that controls the amount of effluent sent to your system’s drain field. This pump monitors the tank storage and helps ensure that your tank does not overflow or back up into your water system.

Maintaining Your System

To help avoid the need for large septic pump system repairs, we recommend that you have your tank pumped on a regular basis and get the system inspected annually to ensure that everything is working. Even with regular maintenance, however, problems may happen that necessitate pump system repairs.

If the Pump System Fails

If your pump fails and you hear an alarm from your system or experience back up into your system, you may need your pump system repaired. Our technicians are equipped to handle the repairs you need for your residential or commercial system. We use high-quality replacement parts to give you repairs that you can rely on for years to come.
With our repair services, you’ll be able to avoid future problems and keep your system running smoothly.

Your Trusted Source for Repairs

When you need septic pump repair services, you can trust our trained and experienced staff to do exceptional work. We are focused on helping you deal with problems with your pump system and will work with you to complete the repairs you need so your system can operate reliably and correctly.
If you need pump system repairs, contact us today so we can arrange for one of our technicians to go to the property and complete the repairs you need.